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November Success Experience an OUTSTANDING Success!

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The November Success Experience was a hit! Our distinguished guest speaker was Marshawn Evans, Attorney, Reinvention Strategist, Author and Public Speaker.  Marshawn provided valuable strategies on positioning yourself to take YOU to the next level of branding. NSN Atlanta would like to thank our sponsors, the W Atlanta Downtown and Marshawn Evans for their support and helping to make this event a phenomenal success!

Check out the photo gallery to see what you missed!


Marshawn is the Founder of ME Unlimited®, Author of SKIRTS in the Boardroom: A Woman’s Survival Guide to Success in Business & Life (Wiley 2008), President of EDGE 3M Sports & Entertainment and Founder and Executive Producer of The Caring EDGE AwardsHer success in the classroom and courtroom took her to the infamous boardroom as one of Donald Trump’s handpicked cast members on NBC’s hit show “The Apprentice”.  Marshawn was the only person to lead Trump’s all-women’s team to a victory as the Project Manager for an upscale yet in your face, Lamborghini Advertising Campaign.


Here’s what Marshawn had to say about Monetizing Brand You.


“Start where you are, use what you have, knowing what you have is already enough.”

A lot of people have made branding more complicated than necessary.  Marshawn states that branding is about one thing: perception.  We have been raised to think that the opinions of others do not matter, but she disagrees.

On The Opinions of Others: On The Apprentice, in the boardroom is when everyone starts pointing fingers.  You realize at the point when you get fired, that the opinions of others definitely matter.  Their opinions impact your outcome. It is not all about how talented you are.  If you are excellent at making jewelry, and no one finds out about it, it doesn’t matter.  If no one sees or appreciates it, it doesn’t matter.  That’s why we have a lot of fluff that sells or you may see people who are less qualified or capable get ahead. 

What The Other Side Thinks of You: In law school, one of the most important things Marshawn learned is that you need to know what the other side thinks of you.  Most people know what they are good at doing.  By contrast, if you do not know what you are good at, pay attention to what people compliment you on.  The key: Get people to buy into you and ride along with you.  People want to be around a winner.

Position Yourself As an Expert: Why is it important? Experts make more money. Whether you are in a corporate career and go to an office or an entrepreneur, one of the best things you can do is position yourself as an expert in your industry.  On ESPN, the people who are on television talking are not necessarily there because of their experience. There are people behind the scenes that have the knowledge, but are not good at or don’t prefer public speaking. The reporters are there because they know how to hold the viewers attention and capture the audience. You like them because of their expertise, but they are not necessarily the “most experienced”.


Marshawn had no background in sports prior to starting her company EDGE 3M Sports & Entertainment and no desire at first to be involved in sports entertainment.  Her law firm told her that she would not get clients, or she if she did, she wouldn’t know what to do with them.  She didn’t take being told that she “can’t” well, so she quit and started her company.  She understood branding even though she didn’t have the sports background.

Speaking: “Focus on what you have not what you don’t have.” When you speak professionally, you enhance your brand, because experts speak,” said Evans.

Smart business owners speak for pay, not for play.  Position yourself as a professional speaker. When speaking for 15-30 minutes at a conference, you will make more of an impact than attending the conference for eight hours.  You have had more exposure and more of an advantage by being a key speaker.

“You increase your opportunities the more you step outside of the four walls of your office.”

When Marshawn worked at a law firm, she asked herself, “ If I keep meeting lawyers, how will I get new clients?” She thought about how she needed to diversify.  Becoming a public speaker allowed her to meet more people. Speaking opens new doors you may not think about. Many people engage in “Stuck up networking” which allows you to only speak to certain people.  “Openness” creates opportunities you may not know about, because you never know who you will meet and what that person may have to offer. 

Writing: Writing is another way to monetize your brand.  You need to be writing, and your writing needs to be published. With the advent of blogs, it is easier than ever to get published. It is easy to create a blog. However, keep in mind that image is everything.  You need a creative blog.  Develop content that allows people to see who you are. This is a great opportunity to create your brand image (one of your best assets) online.  By doing this, you establish yourself as an expert.  People look for those who have a unique perspective to offer. One of the best ways to do that is through writing.

Joint Venturing: You do not always have to create your own blog.  Marshawn writes for Black Enterprise and now her work is viewed internationally.  Think about joint venturing or partnering with another outlet to convey your image or concept.  They already have the target audience all that’s needed is your perspective. 

Working with the Media: Have you already positioned yourself as a speaker or writer? Have you demonstrated an expertise or skill set that the media wants to utilize? There is a dire need for our voices to be heard.  Even if you don’t have notoriety from a show like the Apprentice, there are opportunities to let your voice be heard. 

Joint Ventures with Corporate Partnerships & Sponsorships: Do you have any books you want Published or Projects you want sponsored?  Having sponsorships and partnerships is a way to grow your brand astronomically. 

Positioning: How do you position your proposal so people will find value to support your brand?

If they see that what you have is what they need to connect with a segment in the market they were not able to connect with previously, that opens the door for them to consider what you have to offer. 

Structuring: How you structure your proposal is important. Major companies say most people do not know how to approach corporations properly so that they will support them. Have you been writing? Have you been in the media previously? These things position you. You being the face of your business is so much more attractive than your services being the face of your business. There may be a lot of people that do what you do, but it’s about how you “distinguish” yourself that sets you apart from others.

Key Components When Building Your Brand

1) Image – How you come across is important. Your image really does matter.  Think about your industry and how you want to be perceived and dress backwards from there.  Someone who is less knowledgeable may be “perceived” as more knowledgeable because of their image. For women, Marshawn does a seminar called Cocktails vs. Contracts.  How you present yourself makes a difference in whether you will be singing a deal.

2) Intellect – When thinking about how you will position your brand, lead with SMART. There is no substitute for intelligence.  Be well read.  Do your research. Don’t apologize for being intelligent.  It’s not about being cocky.  You can not assume people know that you’re knowledgeable.  They only know what you tell them. 

3) Reputation and Consistency –“It’s not what you do sometimes.  It’s what you do all the time,” says Evans. For example, If you go through the line at McDonalds and the fries are cold, you might blow it off and not let it bother you the first time.  However, if it happens a second time, you may want to speak to the manager and begin debating on whether you want to go back to that McDonald’s.  The same thing can happen with you and your business. 

“Don’t be “cold fries in the marketplace”

  • You never want people to question your work ethic, integrity and commitment to something. 
  • Don’t be the person who doesn’t double and triple check            their work before presenting it.
  • Statistics show how women of color are perceived in terms of ability and expectations. You can surpass that but only with consistency and reputation. 

On Passion: For Marshawn, the Apprentice was an eye opener, because all the tasks are advertising related.  When she was project manager, she developed an ad campaign for Lamborghini. Her team won because they delivered their presentation with more passion vs. just presenting information.  The executives told them they felt what they were trying to say, without them having to say it.

A great product with a great brand is one that leaves you with a certain “lasting impression.”

Marshawn’s Advice: “There are lots of ways to get to where you want to go. If it is in your heart, you can get there.  If there is a desire in your heart, it is given to you for a reason.  Whatever your dreams are, inspite of skepticism in the marketplace, they can come to pass. Start where you are, use what you have, knowing what you have is already enough.”


October Sponsor/Member Mixer at SHULA’s a Success!

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Last month’s Sponsor/Member Mixer at Shula’s was an outstanding success! Attendees enjoyed the ambiance of a chic setting while having the opportunity to meet one on one with our sponsors.  Our signature speed networking provided an opportunity for professionals to make new connections and for our sponsors to speak about amazing opportunities available in light of the economic downturn.  Attendees had the opportunity to place themselves ahead of the competition by being able to interact with and present their skills to our sponsors in a relaxed setting while also making new contacts with other professionals in attendance.

Thank you to our sponsors and The Atlanta Marriott Buckhead for helping to make this event a tremendous success.

Join us at the W Atlanta Downtown for our next event, the “Professional Business and Branding Bootcamp”, with  Reinvention Strategist, Entrepreneur and Entertainment Attorney, Marshawn Evans, Founder of ME Unlimited and also from NBC’s hit show The Apprentice. You do not want to miss this opportunity to Monetize Brand YOU!

September 2010 Annual VP Panel Event a HUGE Success!

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This year’s VP Panel Event was a tremendous success with VP’s participating from across the country!  NSN Atlanta converged on the Morehouse College Leadership Center and received valuable career tips.  Thank you to the Morehouse Marketing Association for partnering with us on this event.  We had record attendance and numerous attendees joined or renewed with NSN Atlanta on the spot!   The topic?  “Savvy Career Moves in Today’s Economy”.  VP’s on the panel were (from left to right): Bruce Jackson,; Jim Kinkade, State Farm;  Michael Turner, UPS; Troy Taylor, Johnson & Johnson; Gail Britton, Prudential; Carey Mason, ADP; and (not pictured) Terry Clark, Sr., United Healthcare.

Check out the highlight video below of this great event!

The next NSN Atlanta Event is a Sponsor/Member Mixer.  Come meet our Corporate Sponsors at Shula’s 347 Grill in Buckhead on Thursday, October 14th at 6:30pm .  This event is FREE to members and $10 for non-members and guests. Click flyer below to reserve your seat TODAY!

A Thank You Note From Our President

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On Behalf of the National Sales Network Atlanta Chapter I would like to thank all of our members, sponsors, and special guests who supported “Sips Around the World”: An Art, Wine and Jazz Charity Event with Silent Auction to benefit The Haitian Alliance.

This event was a great success that brought out a number of Atlanta’s professional socialites while raising funds to help NSN Atlanta build a home in Haiti through the Haitian Alliance.  Attendees arrived on a red carpet that led them into the premier international Zucot Gallery.  The night continued on with a live jazz by Infinesse featured in the courtyard and a silent auction in the gallery. Guests enjoyed a wine tasting sponsored by Grape Crush, signature hors d’oeuvres by Celebrity Chef Delroy Christian, and spirits provided by Patron and Savida Sangria.  

The evening was also sponsored by the following companies:

Patron Tequila

Ultimat Vodka

Merrill Lynch

Mingles Martini Bar & Grill by Celebrity Chef Delroy Christian Opening July 2010


Grape Crush Productions  

Ligatt Securities

Verizon Wireless

ZuCot Gallery  

Savida Sangria  

Tax and Accounting Solutions

The Dollhouse

Wine Shoe

Event Pro  

Atlanta Spine of Dunwoody


Click the links below for pics from the awesome event!

Finally, you still have time to join the NSN Atlanta delegation for our 14th Annual Conference and Career Fair Aug 4th-7th at the new Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek Resort in Orlando, FL! Register TODAY at for the Largest Diversity Sales Career Fair in the country.  Conference registration ends June 30th!  Thank you again for your attendance.


Mecca Moore

NSN Atlanta Chapter President


April Sponsor/Member Mixer at the DRINKSHOP a Success!

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Last month’s Sponsor/Member Mixer at the DRINKSHOP was a phenomenal success with record attendance!  Our sponsors spoke about their companies’ current and future career opportunities as well as their commitment to NSN Atlanta.  Yes, companies are still hiring qualified sales professionals in this economy!  Our signature speed networking activity set the tone for relationship building and our featured speaker, relationship expert Dr. Alduan Tartt, helped us understand how to refocus our energies on our strengths in order recover from losses and surpass previous successes.  

NSN Atlanta would like to thank our sponsors, the W Atlanta Downtown, and Dr. Alduan Tartt for their support and helping make this event a trememdous success!  Check out the photo gallery to see what you missed!

Join us for our next event “Sips Around the World” , a Wine Tasting, Jazz and Charity event on June 12, 2010 at 8:00pm!  You don’t want to miss this spectacular event with live entertainment provided by Infinesse, complimentary wine tasting and wine education seminar, hors d’oeuvres and OPEN bar!  Partial proceeds to be donated to The Haitian Alliance, an organization dedicated to transforming Haiti. Visit for details and to purchase your tickets.

Membership has it privileges!  Join or renew your membership TODAY at

Eric Snow: Leading High Performers

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Last month’s meeting was a success! Eric Snow, 14-year NBA veteran turned author, was our dynamic guest speaker.  Mr. Snow provided some helpful tips to becoming a fast, flexible, and fluid leader and managing conflict using relevant analogies from his long, experienced career in the NBA.  Following are highlights from the  workshop.


What Makes a Great Leader? Experience

  1. Leadership is the process you go through in reaching your personal goal, then helping others achieve a goal.
  2. Leaders have a genuine concern about the success of others.
  3. Great leaders have the ability to get their own agenda out of the way.


  1. Know your strategy inside and out and plan for all contingencies. Know your principles very well so if adjustment is necessary, you can adjust quickly. 
  2. Project decisiveness and unwavering confidence.
  3. Motivate team players to accept changes in the team environment as they occur.
  4. Recognize the world today is different and changes rapidly; be willing to adapt.


“Fluid Leaders don’t just ‘go with the flow’- They ‘create’ the flow”

  1. Planning– Be prepared and equipped for all challenges that come with leading high achievers and WINNING with a high achiever on your team.
  2. Priorities– Immediately establish the value of positive character along with team discipline.
  3. Progress– Continue to have a good work ethic even when you don’t see the results you want.
  4. Perseverance– Push through obstacles when they occur.
  5. Patience-Be mindful success is coming but you have to be patient, not only with your success, but also with those you are dealing with.
  6. Partnership– Understand you are helping someone else even when you don’t think you are.

5 Steps of Being a Flexible Leader:

Leaders know every key position and are poised to play them when needed in order to achieve success.

  1. Communication – This is your Point Guard position.
  2. Action – Shooting Guard position.  Go out and take extra steps
  3. Balance – Best all around position.  Always have equal balance from physical, mental, social and emotional aspect. 
  4. Anchor – Center of foundation.
  5. Dependable – Power Forward position.  Walk into the room and command response without even speaking.


During this session, audience members were allowed to give examples of conflicts experienced in the work place related to gender bias, race bias and egos and Eric Snow gave insightful tips on how to effectively manage those conflicts.  Following are some of Eric’s insights:

One of the biggest challenges we face in the workplace and our personal lives is handling difficult situations and people.  In order to manage conflict that occurs with others, you have to know how you will handle difficult situations yourself.

Good mentorship is the key. People who have been in similar situations can see from a certain perspective effectively. Now you can have a great defined plan to get through these certain situation as they occur.

 At the end of the day, there has to be “one common goal”: The team goal. What is the team goal? Don’t hurt the team because of one bad player.

5 Steps to Managing Conflict:

  1. Communicate using direct and easy language (where people can relate to you).
  2. Communicate using concepts where people can really embrace what you are saying. “You need to ignite their passion”
  3. “Be accountable” and “hold yourself accountable”
  4. Be a “learner” and a “doer”.  You are always learning and doing. Develop and improve procedures that will relate to your goal.
  5. Keep the “big picture” in mind.


  • Show people you care about them as a person. Show that it is not agenda driven.
  • Know personalities. Know how to relate to people, how they respond and how they are personality driven.
  • Represent what you say. Don’t tell someone to do what you aren’t willing to do. When they see you doing it, they will be willing to follow.
  • Sacrifice. Are you willing to sacrifice for the team even if someone else gets the recognition for your hard work?
  • If you’re stuck in a difficult situation with someone else, you can be sure they are stuck as well.
  • You cannot change others, but you can change the way you think.

As you can see, Eric Snow armed us with helpful, applicable information that can be immediately used in our daily lives.  For more detailed perspective, pick up Eric Snow’s new book, Leading High Performers: The Ultimate Guide to Being a Fast, Fluid and Flexible Leader, available at 

You can also check out Eric Snow’s website at