About NSN Atlanta

National Sales Network was founded in Newark, New Jersey in June 1992 by a group of African-American sales management professionals. The organization was founded to fill the void created by the lack of a National African-American professional sales organization.

NSN is composed of sales professionals with titles from District Manager to Vice-President of Sales. We conduct seminars on subjects such as selling skills, negotiating skills, job search, time management, organization skills and career management.

Our mission is to meet the professional and developmental needs of the African-American Sales and Sales Management professional by:

  1. Becoming the organization of choice for the African–American Sales professional.
  2. Encouraging African–Americans to pursue sales careers.
  3. Empowering African–Americans through community involvement and service.
  4. Providing career and skill development programs for sales professionals.
  5. Providing a forum through which sales professionals can network within their profession
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