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Career Moves for Today’s Economy: Maximizing Your Skills and Reshaping Your Plan

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Did You Know “YOU + SALES = Unlimited Possibilities” ?: Part 3

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Part 3:  Mastering the Art of Sales -Crawling Vs. Sprinting and Not Losing Your Edge

Previously in Part 1 of this series, we discussed how sales is one of the highest paid professions in the world  and although some may not realize it, everyone is in sales. In part 2 we mentioned why it is important to sharpen your sales skills even if your career is not in sales and why a sales career may be a great move to consider.

So you may now be thinking, ‘If everyone is in sales, why do I need to focus on “mastering” my sales skills if I’m not in a sales profession?” Or “I already have strong sales skills. Why do I need to focus on sharpening them?”

There is a difference in simply knowing how to swim or using that ability sparingly vs. being an Olympic Champion at it.  Sales professionals would fall in the Olympic Champion category.  They have mastered the art of selling. A baby who crawls and a person who sprints both get to their destination. One gets there faster.  Both may have intentions on getting through an open doorway, but the key is to get there before the door shuts. When a spur of the moment opportunity arises and an unexpected door opens, one may stumble slightly trying to get to it and take too long and get there right as it shuts. The other will sprint right through it. While it is mentioned that everyone is in sales, the skill of selling is a great skill to “master”. Mastering your sales skills will put you in a position to effortlessly capitalize on opportunities that are presented to you.  It could mean the difference between getting to only the second round of a job interview vs. actually receiving the offer, or the difference between receiving the minimum salary offered vs. negotiating a $5,000-$10,000 increase. 

If you feel that your sales skills are already strong, that’s fantastic! However, let’s remember that it is best to not get “too comfortable”.  Sometimes we may get a little rusty and can always use some polishing. Athletic champions continue to train even after winning trophies or gold medals and proving to be leaders of their craft. 

Regardless of your profession, everyone is involved in sales in some way.  It is important to sharpen your sales skills so you can be prepared and confident at selling yourself, your product, your service or idea at any point when necessary.  Don’t miss out on an opportunity of sharing something with someone due to fear of being “pushy” or pass up on an opportunity because you think you don’t have the personality or that you’re “not good at selling”. Let’s not delay the opportunity to further develop sales skills and/or take advantage of sales business opportunities or careers that may benefit you and take you to the next level, whatever that level may be.

Remember, “Opportunity shows up two times: When you’re prepared, and when you’re not.”